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Making The Decision To Go To Rehab

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol and haven't been able to quit on your own, an addiction treatment center can give you the opportunity to recover and get a fresh start. It doesn't matter if you have been using for a short time or most of your life, you can recover with help.

The First Step: Asking For Help

This is often the hardest part for anyone. In order to ask for help, you have to admit you have a problem. For the addicted person, this can leave you feeling ashamed or vulnerable. It takes courage to admit that you have a problem and that you need help. Once you get past this part, the rest will come.

Tips For Talking About Your Addiction

Chances are that your friends and family either know or suspect you have a problem. If this is the case, they will likely be relieved that you are ready to get help. In some cases, though, you are going to have to break the news to them and know that they may not take it well. It helps to start by speaking to a neutral party, such as your doctor or a counselor. They can help give you the support and resources you need to take the next step.

Once you have done this, talk to someone you trust that you feel will be supportive and in your corner. You don't have to broadcast your news to everyone in your family and social circle, but if you will be spending time in rehab, you'll need to talk to those close to you or anyone who depends on you. It may help to talk to some family members with your support person present. Be honest and to the point. Let people know that you are concerned about your health and that you don't want things to get worse. Keep it brief and keep in mind that the most important thing is that you get the help you need.

Finding The Right Rehab

Once you start searching for a rehab, you'll realize just how many there are, and that not all rehabs are the same. There are inpatient and outpatient programs, gender-specific programs and long and short-term programs. Which is right for you?

Your choice may be made for you depending on the health insurance you have. If you are free to choose a treatment center, it's a good idea to do a little research before committing to a program. For example, if you are also dealing with mental health issues such as depression, an eating disorder or bipolar disorder, you will want to look into a dual diagnosis treatment center. This means that in addition to treating your addiction, you will also receive help for your mental health issues.

Gender-specific programs are a wonderful option for both men and women who are looking for a program in a safe environment that allows you to stay focused on yourself and your recovery.

How Long Should A Program Last?

Programs most often last from 30 to 90 days, although long-term programs may last six months or more. Some short-term programs can last as little as two weeks. Typically, though, you will find most programs last about 60 days.

Ideally, you will choose an inpatient program that will allow you the time you need to heal and recover from substance abuse. It can take a couple of weeks just to get your bearings and start feeling clear, and that's when the real work begins.

Recovery Is Possible

During the course of your drug treatment program, you'll learn about addiction and how it affects all areas of your life. You'll develop coping tools to help you deal with cravings, stress and powerful emotions without using. You'll address some of the underlying issues that may have played a part in your substance use, and you'll gain increased insight into any habits that contribute to your addiction. This may include the people you spend time with, relationship patterns and how you respond to anger, fear and disappointment. Ultimately, you will leave rehab clean and sober, feeling healthy and strong and armed with tools that will help you rebuild your life and gain freedom from the bondage of addiction.